Renewal of the Bykovo-Pokrovsky Estate


The Bykovo-Pokrovsky hunting-estate in the Kostroma region is known since the 17-th century when it belonged to the ancestors of the famous Russian writer Alexander Griboedov, later it was owned by the local nobility — the Zynoviev and the Gotovtsev families.
In 2015 the new chapter was started: the Pokrovsky family took the decision to get back to the region where it has originated several centuries ago and decided to renew the Estate.

The garden and the classic residential part of the estate was arranged around 1830 by Nikolai Gotovtsev and his wife. The garden still remains one of the estate’s main attractions. It consists of the formal French part and the English landscape park. Gardeners planted alleys, boskets, flowerbeds, arranged terraces to open up beautiful views over the surrounding fields and forests.
The geometric plan of the Estate is classic and simple: the upper terrace overlooks the garden and dominates the surrounding countryside. In the past, there was the main house-ensemble.

Denis Pokrovsky:

We admire gardening and the plan is to restore the place and make to a botanic garden.
We want to uncover the beauty of the French formal part and the romance of the English park. All that shaped by the Russian local gardening tradition. We also want to show a rare norther garden-flora.
We hope that this Estate will be of a cultural and social significance to the local community and at the same time will attract tourists. So that they could enjoy breathtaking sceneries, fresh air, the lovely garden, walk here, play croquet feeling a part of the beautiful Kostroma nature.

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